Birth Partner Workshop

Are you ready to be a birth partner?

Pregnancy and Birth are a very special time. Learn techniques of how you can support your wife/ partner/friend/relative during labour.

There are many things a birth partner can offer the labouring woman to support her during this very special time! The key to a positive birth experience is a positive, calm, relaxed birth environment and a supportive birth partner. Make informed decisions together and support the becoming mother within these!

What do we cover?

  • Physiology of birth
  • Breathing, Visualisation and Relaxation Techniques
  • Using positions in labour
  • Creating your birth space
  • The role of your birth partner
  • Helping you to prepare for your baby to arrive
  • Optimal foetal positioning

A 2-hour workshop for either just the birth partner on his / her own or for both of you as a couple. In the comfort of your own home or at teacher’s home in Bingham. £75

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